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Celestial Sanctum by Ashbringer

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Name General Description
Celestial Sanctum v1
Wave lvl:71
Ele. lvl:14

By: Ashbringer
Date:2017-10-27 06:07:35
Last Update:2017-10-27 06:07:37
Damage:1159 - 1159
Abil factor:0.2
When the stars align, fear their portents.

Circadian Attunement
The tower cycles between Night and Day stacks gained from abilities. Day increases the tower ' s critical attack damage by 0.001x per stack and Night increases the tower ' s attack speed by 0.1% per stack.
Critical attacks and kills grant the tower 2.0 seconds of Eclipse. While Eclipse is active, the tower gains 1 Day and 1 Night per second and both Starfall and Solar Flare are simultaneously active. Duration accumulates.
Solar Flare
During day time, attack hits have a [0.1%xNight] chance per stack of Night to fire bolts at every enemy within attack range, dealing 50% of attack damage as Elemental damage. Converts 1 Night into 1 Day for each bolt fired.

Level Bonus:
+0.2% damage
During night time, a star will fall onto a random enemy within attack range every second, dealing [1%xDay] of attack damage as Energy damage to the target. Converts 1 Day into 1 Night.

PENDING: This tower is not yet accepted. Users comments to this tower:
Astral attack carry that cycles between bonuses. It also scales since the bonuses accumulate.

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 Post subject: Celestial Sanctum v1 (1964)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:07 am 
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This is the discussion thread for the tower Celestial Sanctum (1964)

Creator's comments for this tower:

Astral attack carry that cycles between bonuses. It also scales since the bonuses accumulate.

 Post subject: Re: Celestial Sanctum v1 (1964)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:18 pm 
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Your all tower's are complexed and complicated. Sincerely I don't even bother reading all of that I hope other you TD players will. Don't take this as an offense, they said keep it simple.

 Post subject: Re: Celestial Sanctum v1 (1964)
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:32 pm 
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I really like this concept! It's quite difficult to understand how strong it will be in practice without testing it, but from the way I read the abilities, you will simply build it and not replace your main carry, but instead simply start oiling up this one once you built it (or save at least crit oils from wave 1 for this tower and hope you roll it early enough). Then you let it sit there and gain power for a while, and maybe 15-30min later it will start becoming really strong, eventually scaling to infinity. It's a quite hefty wait time for it to become good if are used to spawn next wave quickly (unless you replace your main carry right away and use Human Sacrifice or something). A little bit like Bonk but with a much cooler effect and comes at the price of changing your entire strategy once you build it, I'd love to try it! The model looks cool too, I hope it has some badass attack animations to go with it!

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