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 Post subject: F.A.Q. / basic questions
PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 1:35 pm 
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What do I have to do in Castle Fight?

You have to use your money to construct buildings with your worker. These buildings normally act autonomous. You don't have to care about them. Many buildings spawn units periodically, but some have other abilities that they use on their own. The spawned units will automatically attack the enemy base. If the enemy castle gets destroyed, you win.

I can't control neither my buildings, nor my units, whats wrong?

Nothing is wrong, the intention of Castle Fight is that you have to win by just building the right buildings at the right positons (and do other things like collecting extra money and using your Rescue Stright properly). So you can't control units at all. At least you can control buildings, by turning their abilites on and off (but most of the time you want that they're on, as they are by default).

How do I get more income/how is income calculated?

You get income each 10 seconds. Each player has a basic income of 5 gold. You get income for each building you finish. Buildings that train creeps give about 2% of their cost each income. Buildings that don't produce creeps give less income because they don't give gold to enemy as bounty. If a building gets destroyed you also lose the income for it. You can find precise explanation of income calculation here.

How much lumber do I get from what?

Creep producing structures give lumber upon construction, special buildings and towers cost lumber. For the exact calculation how much lumber a creep structure produces, check the last section of the income calculation topic.

What means the message "Bounty Incoming"?

A few seconds after you see that message (every 40 seconds) a gold coin will appear somewhere in your base. If you collect it with your worker you will get extra money (the extra money increases as the game advances).
But the coin disappears fast, so get ready to use your blink to reach the coin fast. Note that the Treasure Box also increases the gold earned through this bounty.

I can't Upgrade my Buildings!

Before you can upgrade unit producing structures you have to turn off the unit production.

How are game modes chosen? Which gamemodes & modifications exist? Which chat commands can i use in CF?

For a detailed answer to these questions visit the Gamemodes & Commands topic.

What can I do to replace dropped players?

Player red can write -balance. If he does an AI player will join at the beginning of the next round to replace leavers and even the teams.
But don't complain about the AI. It is not the best yet, my focus is not on AI. I will improved it when i have time and no other issues to work on.

Where can I find other people to play with?

The irc channel #wc3cf at quakenet is open for every cf-addict. Normally, if you wait a bit you will also find cf games in bnet. Maybe I will code a portal like dotaLeague's single instant game for Castle Fight someday.

I never win, what do I do wrong?(Some basic strategy hints)

-First hint is to use the races in your team right. For example you have to know that Naga has no towers. If everybody but you in your team has Naga and you have Human it's your duty to build a tower to avoid base pushes.

-Next, use your Rescue Strike properly! Proper use of the RS decides games. Don't use it if only 3 units are attacking your building and try to use it only if one building is about to be destroyed, but don't wait with your RS until a few buildings are down. One destroyed building gives a huge advantage to the enemy team!

-Try to collect the bonus gold by using Blink with its shortkey.

-Some units are particularly strong against others because of the damage/armor type. Don't build only units of the wrong armor type or the enemy will defeat them with cheaper units with the right attack. You can type "-armor" to see a list of which attack type is good/bad against what armor type.

I don't see the spawntime of units anywhere, so which units have what spawntime?

I didn't write the spawntime of units into the tooltip on purpose. Because the system they behave is very simple:

Basically it is: The more the building costs, the longer the unit needs to spawn.

Concrete: Spawntime = 15 + (BUILDINGCOST/20)

Footman (100 gold): 20 sec (15 + 100/20)
Infernal (500 gold): 40 sec

When fighting against AI players, I noticed that they don't use building abilities like the hex from the City of Magic for example, is this a bug?

Yes unfortunatly this is a bug that has to do with Warcraft AI. I can't fix it, i'm afraid. But you can avoid it: The bug only appears with AI players that were added using Computer slots at map start. If you want to play with Bots that use these abilities, use the ingame commands like "-balance" or "-fill[number]" to add bots. Bots that are added via these commands use their abilities properly!

I think the game is imbalanced! I have found a bug! I have an idea for Castle Fight! I have additional questions!

Feel free to register at my forum and suggest or ask everything you want there. You can also browse the board (mainly the documentation section) to find further answers to questions about CF.

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