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 Post subject: Point Defense Changelog
PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 2:22 pm 
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v1.06 (25.09.2006)
colored names are the main intention of this patch
-team and player names should now be colored
-added a 300k and 1million point limit mode for the long play freaks among you
-removed the first " ," from ranking stats(it should have been removed earlier
but the code didn't work as intended
-players that dont finish by the game ending wont get a very high finish time any longer,
instead "NOT FINISHED" will be displayed

v1.05b (24.09.2006)
-when the game was full(10 players) it ended before it began
i couldn't find the source of this bug but included a safety
switch which should avert it

v1.05 (24.09.2006)
In this patch i replaced the numbers on the ground with some nice textures,
i think u will like these and nobody will miss the numbers =)
-when killing a creepspawn farm you will see the floating text
"INC!" above the killing unit
-many graphical improvements
-teams that finish worse than 3rd place are now also teleported to the middle to
prevent them from killing further creeps/farms and faking the stats
-fixed a bug that would cause the game to end twice
-the farms with the explanation text are now invulnerable, averting some exploits
-fixed a wrong message from stats
-decreased the hits/str and armor/agi gain
-increased the damage of level 2 and 3 spirit beasts
-increased the hitpoints of the multiplier upgrade farm to 150

v1.04b (23.09.2006)
-due to a coding mistake the bugfix for the game not ending bug from v1.04
did not work properly. It should work now (at least i hope so^^)

v1.04 (23.09.2006)
Again a big patch with a new Tier and the stats displayed
-after the game stats will be displayed!
-introduced Tier 5
-Tier Advancement Farm now has higher life at higher Tiers
-Hero Upgrade Farm now has higher life increasing with each Tier, but also
gives more stats, also increasing with each Tier
-fixed an armorbug with higher-tier-creeps
-fixed some typos
-removed a bug that caused the game to continue even if it was still finished
-the last player will now also get rated (previous that wasn't the case)
-increased the armor of spirit beasts so they can tank higher tiers better
-increased the hits of higher spirit beasts
-increased endurance aura's attack speed bonus
-replaced critstrike with a damage aura
-increased the statsgain from leveling
-increased the damage from higher chain lightnings and decreased the damage
reduction per target

v1.02 (21.09.2006)
-Made some graphical improvements
-The winner message will be more highlighted now
-When a team reaches the point limit, its place will be displayed at the multiboard
-the "-hidetext" command should now work as intended
-Spirit beast will only summon 1 spirit now
-decreased the collision size of many units

v1.01 (21.09.2006)
-when the game is finished you will see the winning teams on a podium
-fixed a bug that made the game go insane when somebody wins
-fixed a typo that displayed the wrong version number
-decreased the damage of the spirit beasts
-increased attack speed bonus of endurance aura
-increased Bash's damage to make it worth skilling
-increased Critical Strike's chance, and modified its multiplier

v1.00 (21.09.2006)
-first open release

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