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 Post subject: A question
PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:19 am 
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Well... although im not quite a new fan of gekko's maps, the earliest map of his i played is castle fight 1.3 i think. However, this topic is about the history of his maps (well... sort of :) )
But i dont know it yet, so can you tell me what was the first map you made and on and on... ? 8)

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:01 am 
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Early Summer 2k6:
Started "FU-Magi" after a game idea I already had when I was thirteen. I tried to impelement "FU-Magi" in C++ together with a friend before. But we had no verve to finish it.
So I made it in WC3. It was my first warcraft map without any jass. If I look at its triggers now, it makes me shiver. They re horrible^^.

October 2k6:
Started my Studies of Computer Sience. At a lecture, we played "BattleField 2k4". The map was soo horrible balanced and buggy, but I liked the genre. So I fast landscaped a small map and made some quick n dirty triggers for unit spawning and ordering them. I had one building: Barracks spawning footmen. CF beta 0.01 was born :).

In the next two months I made a few more units and improved the triggers. The 19 beta versions of CF were made. I think the second unit was the sniper, the third was the mortar team. Then the suumpmolk was introduced. There was only one race combining them all. The first special building (as far as I remember) was the Artillery.

Christmas 2k6 to New Year 2k6-2k7:
I made the work of creating 4 races (Human, Naga, Chaos and Undead). At January the 1st in 2k7 I released Castle Fight v1.00.

Around Easter 2k7:
I started eeve! TD. After 25 days I released the first beta version.

I don't remember when I made the other small projects. I just made em when I had an idea and was keen on making a map on it.

 Post subject: A question
PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:58 am 
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But if Im not mistaken the D20Ps is the predecessor of the D30 right? Which makes it a Turbofan. Atleast that is what I have here in a airline book of mine, the Tu-124 was the first Soviet civil airliner which used turbofans.

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