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 Post subject: New idea for a map
PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:50 pm 
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First, I wanna say hello to you all as I'm a newbie here, in gex maps forum. Thus I've only played CF and Glaive Master, which is composed from this forum (And I love them pretty much). But I'm eager to share my fantasies here, as this is the only wc3 map forum I've known.
So here is it. My suggestion
World Of Shinobi
I'm a big fan of worldly well known anime Naruto. This anime itself produced a considerable amount of wc3 maps consist of rpg, dota, td, etc. Most of them are completely based on the anime: Naruto. But what I want to share here is something a little bit different. Something more complex and generalized, but still, it is based on this anime.
In my mind, the map will be some kind of dota, except it isn't. The game will consists of two teams, which will fight each other, to destroy each other. The main objective is classic: destroy enemy's main building (like frozen throne or life tree in dota). But the spawning creeps will not just go in lines and fight each other like in dota. They meld in the forest, which in my mind will be the battlefield. Some of them are invisible, long distanced fighter (say what, 2500?), and some of them use skill (ninjutsu, genjutsu, or taijutsu. I'll explain about these later). So, how is it to level up your hero? Same as usual, kill creeps...and another way: Mission.
Before I explain about the mission, I'd like to tell you guys about the hero.
The hero, started as level 1 Shinobi entitled Genin (for you who read/watch naruto, I think you'll figure out the rest of the title :lol: )
As a genin, you can only learn level 1 and level 2 NINJUTSU/GENJUTSU/TAIJUTSU.
Once you're level 10, you're eligible to take a chuunin test, which is some kind of mission.
Once you're a Chuunin, You can learn level 3 NINJUTSU/GENJUTSU/TAIJUTSU
And when you're level 20, You're can take a jounin test, still some kind of mission.
And when you're a Jounin, you can create your own jutsu. You alter the shape and the nature, which will become your own jutsu.
AND....when you're level 30 (max level), You're a Super Jounin. You're eligible to learn one of ultimate jutsu (a very strong jutsu).
Ninjutsu is some certain spell. There are close/long ranged ones with certain shape and nature.
Genjutsu is kind of illusion spell like cloning(bushin), disguise(henge), gaining control of other shinobi or even another hero, and simple ones like sleep or stun.
Taijutsu is physical attack. The idea is to make either you're a strong or agile kind of shinobi. There will be some skill with effect like stun, maim, or like yurnero's omnislash (invulnerable when attacking)
There are (based on naruto anime) 5 kind of natures : Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Wind.
(I'm thinking about including each element nature weaknesses and advantages to damage calculation, but I haven't figured out how. Let's just make it the same affection for now)
Each hero will choose one of the element before start the game. For genin and chuunin, they can only master one nature at a time. As for jounin, they're eligible to master up to 3 elements(which will cost some considerable amount of gold). And for certain bloodlines, they can combine 2 elements into a single new element.
Water+Earth = Wood, can only be mastered by Senju clan
Water+Wind = Ice, can only be mastered by.... :roll: ....(blah, I forgot the clan's name :lol: )
And many other combinations, which is, if gekko agree to make this map, will be made up :P , since the book author haven't (or possibly won't) revealed yet.
For you who know naruto series (who possibly don't, anyway? :P), of course you know what bloodline means in world of naruto. It holds a considerable affection for winning. There will be um... as many as possible kind of bloodlines. And all of them should be balanced. (No superior one among the others). So the bloodline can be decided from the or let it be random (Decided in game mode).
Different from most of other dota game, the equipments in this game are nothing such as increasing strength, agility, or intelligent. The equipment can be one time used things such as Shurikens, Kunai, Exploding tag, summoning tag, potions, etc. As for along used equipment like blade, glove, shoes, armor, etc, is purchased like a tome. They will automatically replace the old one when purchased (not stacking). Remember blade/glove/claw only increase atk, shoes increase movement speed, and armor increase def. So no equipment increase status.
The hero directly receives missions from the kage (NPC) to be completed. Once it is completed, the hero get experience and gold. There will be two kinds of missions. One is to assassinate, and the other is to escort. Both will be difficult. Thus the reward will suit your effort and time. But if you fail, you're wasting your time. No experience will be involved during the mission (you get no exp when killing in a mission). The mission can be an individual mission or team. You decide it.

How does it sound? I hope it's interesting. There are a lot of other things to be added in. But for now I think it's enough to draw the image of this map. :D
Hope you like it.

PS: I'm sorry my english is depraved. I'm Indonesian btw :)

Coming Soon

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:53 am 
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Lol,so hard to make.
Go ask the ppl from orpg like cursed heros,they really have te to waste,Gekko has to study

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:01 pm 
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So gekko is still a student :shock:
I don't know any other wc3 map forum. Can u tell me the link?
Yes, I know this is a complicated map. I have thought to make this one by myself but it's just impossible without sufficient knowledge about programming. I'm going to college this year.
Maybe after I learn programming I will try to make this out.

Btw, will you please vote about the idea? Whether you like it or not. And tell me the reason please.

Coming Soon

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