DevKit v1.25 released
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Author:  MasterCassim [ Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  DevKit v1.25 released

Here is the next release of our YouTD Devkit. It contains many updates and fixes.

Devkit v1.25
-Parser will now throw tantrums if plusses/minuses immediately preceding numbers or square brackets aren't highlighted, and when there is undue indentation in the description.

Creation Maps and TestMap Stub
-Unit.getSize() will now return SIZE_MASS_CHALLENGE as SIZE_MASS and SIZE_CHALLENGE as SIZE_BOSS
-Unit.getDamageToSize() will now return the modifiers for SIZE_MASS and SIZE_BOSS when called on SIZE_MASS_CHALLENGE and SIZE_CHALLENGE respectively.
-Items now fly to an 'item area' rather than to creep spawn point.
-Tooltip no longer states '-0% damage per bounce' for bouncing attacks that don't get weaker with each bounce.
-Reduced the minimum period for EventTypeList periodic events from 0.2 to 0.1.
-Updated the rects in the testmap to reflect those in the main map (ground and air creeps now use the same waypoints; creep lane pathed out).
-Cleaned up a bunch of random testmap-specific leaks.
-Fixed a bug where Effect instances entering the creep finish area would cause doublefrees.
-Fixed the TargetType struct (it was returning junk for custom targettypes every since mass and boss challenge were added as creep types in Creep struct).
-Cleaned up some of the divide by zero bits and bobs in the projectile trigger. (They weren't causing any issues cause they were being caught, but now it won't be displaying divideByZero warnings anymore unless there is a good reason to do so.)
-Playor.getNumTower() method renamed to Playor.getNumTowers().
-Lightning struct has been moved to its own trigger!
-Effect struct rewritten - Effects are now broken down into three types: SIMPLE, REGULAR and ANIMATED. SIMPLE effects have the same functionality as the old SFXAtUnit commands, but also allow timed destruction. REGULAR effects are similar to the old Effects, but are recyclable and allow changing of their pitch, but cannot be animated. ANIMATED effects are identical to the old Effects - they can be animated, but are least efficient for the map.
-Added a fancy debug multiboard to the testmap, accessible when testing your tower in DEBUG mode (which you should always be doing anyway) and pressing the escape key. It can help identify if your tower/item is leaking stuff. (credits to Deemzul)
-Corrected description for Creep.getCurrentArmorDamageReduction() - it can in fact return negative values.
-Unit.getZ() now returns a RELATIVE z height, with an impact offset added to better estimate the unit's centre.
-Lightnings now expect RELATIVE z heights, rather than absolute.

New Functions
-Added AutocastType.getBuffType() method.
-Added Unit.getProp_Attackspeed(), Unit.getProp_DamageBase(), Unit.getProp_DamageBasePerc(), Unit.getProp_DamageAd() and Unit.getProp_DamageAddPerc().
-Added an Iterate.nextRandom() method which grabs the next unit from the iterate at random.
-Added an isPointOnCreepPath() function to the header trigger, which will return true iff given x/y coordinates are on the creep path.
-Added Creep.moveToPoint(), which allows movement of creeps to various locations without having to worry they'll get stuck.
-Added Unit.addExpFlat() and Unit.removeExpFlat() functions which will not scale the value by exp ratios.
-Added Lightning.setColor(), to change lightning color and opacity.
-Added Unit.addMana(), Unit.addManaPerc(), Unit.subtractManaPerc().
-Added Unit.resetCooldowns() to creation maps (this method has already existed for a few versions of the testmap, but hadn't been documented).
-Rewritten Effect trigger - refer to it for the updated methods.

For those that wish to download only the updated files, here is a link to them. Please note that there's been a small change to the way content is injected, so it is imperative you update all of your scripts, along with the testmap stub and tower creation maps. Read the README within for instructions on where to extract the files to.
YouTD Devkit v1.25 NewBits

-> DevKit Download

Author:  H4uZ [ Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DevKit v1.25 released

/refresh 10 times a day for a new version...

Author:  ☞☞☞ [ Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DevKit v1.25 released

Hm? I've tried to test several towers with new DevKit, but they wasn't created in test map with this error: Invalid value: default string. Can anybody explain where's the problem?

Author:  Glowackos [ Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DevKit v1.25 released

☞☞☞ wrote:
Hm? I've tried to test several towers with new DevKit, but they wasn't created in test map with this error: Invalid value: default string. Can anybody explain where's the problem?

You'll need to be more specific:
- which tower did you try to compile?
- which devkit did you install ( full/full+jngp/just new bits)
- what's throwing the error? (i'm guessing gmsi?)
- have you used previous devkit versions in the past?

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