YouTD DevKit v1.14 released!
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Author:  geX [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  YouTD DevKit v1.14 released!

Finally, you can create items with the DevKit. Some more cool features are included, have fun!

DevKit v1.14 changelog
-You are now able to create items. Check the HowTo chapter for more information
-In the onCreate event of a buff, some variables (like caster) were not set yet for that buff. This is fixed, you can now use .getCaster() in the onCreate event of a buff.
-Fixed an issue with autocast-buffs. There is now an additional paramater "targetSelf" for autocasts which states if the autocast-buff can be cast onto the tower itself
-There are 4 new autocast types that allow you to create autocasts that are not autocasted. I.e. only an ability is added, the parameters are set and the event reaction function is executed if the ability is cast. The ability must be cast by the player himself.
-The remove exp function now returns a real value that states how much exp was actually removed (if the tower had less exp than the removed value, this value will differ from the input)
-You are now able to make duplicate events (for example 2 auras or autocasts). Check the howTo chapter about it if you want to use duplicate events
-Removed the yellow debug messages from the map execution screen
-Fixed a bug with effects beeing parsed wrong making additional parameters in an effect constructor disappear
-Fixed a bug where the test map didn't compile because a local declaration was inserted after another non local operation creating a syntax error
-Fixed that for tower effects a 0 color value was switched to a 255 color value
-You had to set the targType even for offensive autocasts. This is fixed, you only have to set targType for buffs now
-Added "advanced" tower effects. These are effects that don't display their build animation, so you can use buildings as tower effects. Check the corresponding howTo chapter about Assembling Tower Effects to see how it works
-Fixed some errors with the specials tooltip coloring
-Added two methods to the struct Creep to get the current armor value the creep has and the current damage reduction by armor
-Added a method to struct Unit to get the percentual mana bonus this unit has


Download latest DevKit

Author:  boekie [ Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: YouTD DevKit v1.14 released!

Very nice GeX.
I was looking forward to the new devkit!

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