DevKit v1.24 released
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Author:  MasterCassim [ Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  DevKit v1.24 released

Here is the next release of our YouTD Devkit. It contains many updates and fixes.

Devkit v1.24
-injectTower.gsl: fixed 0-range autocasts having their range displayed in the tooltip.
-commonParse.gsl: will now check for commas in buff descriptions (wc3 doesn't like this, and we need to respect its fussiness!)

Creation Maps and TestMap Stub
-Solid restructure and update of all triggers in testmap.
-Bone decay time to 8 secs.
-Item drops in testmap no longer fly to the creep spawn point.
-Added a getBaseArmorValue method to the Creep struct.
-The Item.destroy() method can now safely be used to destroy items. (This will destroy the raw item as well, so no need to worry about that)
-Fixed Unit.subtract mana in the testmap. (Its description had been updated in the creation maps, but the functionality still wasn't correct in the testmap)
-Added a '-zoom' testcommand that works the same way as the one in game.
-Added the function 'isPointBuildableForPlayer(). Probably going to be very rarely used, but if interested, read more in the function comments in the creation maps.
-Added all standard highlighting colours for element, rarity and attacktype to the highlighting trigger in creation maps.
-As an undesirable side effect that came about when fixing cb_silence, any BuffTypes that duplicate this predefined buff and set an icon for it will result in TWO buffs showing up on the unit: the default 'this unit is silenced' one, and the custom user-defined one.
-SetUnitFlyHeight should now be working for unit-based towers.
-Unit.getX() and Unit.getY(), now return the 'proper' coordinates. They work just just like earlier, except that if called on a unit-based tower, they will return the coordinates of the centre of that tower's tile, rather than the coordinates of the unit itself (which are offset).
-Added Unit.isStunned, to match the existing Unit.isSilenced and Unit.isBanished. Note that these can also be found by searching for the buff's corresponding stacking group on the Unit.
-cb_banish should now be properly 'duplicatable'.

-Updated JNGP version to 2.0, so download the full devkit+JNGP if you want to be hip with the times.

All the files have been compressed in 7z format, cause glow ceebs finding a program to compress folders to rar.
You can open them using 7zip (which is, imo, the best archiving tool around).
For those who do not wish to download the whole devkit, here are two links containing only the changed files (read the README in each of them to know where to extract them to):
-New bits

-> DevKit Download

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