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 Post subject: Starcraft 2 Castle Fight release
PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:45 pm 
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Greetings to everyone. I am developer of Starcraft 2 maps such as Galaxy Vampirism, Probes vs Zealot 2 and many Tower Defence maps. You can check my profile
I asked geX for permission to create map and thread here. He rarely logins on site, but may be he can confirm here.
[WC3] Castle Fight is enhanced version of Castle Fight 1.14b from Warcraft 3. Below a list of features and differences between Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 versions:

* Starcraft 2 version has a comprehensive stats/points and rank system. All data and stats are stored in bank files. Each player can access to all player's data inside a game.
* Starcraft 2 version has an autobalance system based on stats/points. When game started with 4 vs 4 mode, it creates 2 teams with minimum deviation of ranking points. It does not matter how players are joined in lobby. It's always balancing inside a game. But you can also freeze yourself in team(checkbox during vote time).
* Starcraft 2 version does not have a rounds. It was removed due to uselessness of this feature.
* Starcraft 2 version has a regame feature. You don't need to leave a game and start a new one. You can do it inside a current game, when it's finished. Of course if you want to play versus other players you can leave current game.
* Starcraft 2 version has improved income system. Increased base income and period of income reduced to 7 seconds. You can build only one Treasure Box, but it has infinite upgrades. Taxes are also little changed. All this changes were done to increase gameplay of map.
* Starcraft 2 version has a new building Upgrade Center, which contains upgrades for units(damage, attack speed, armor, movement speed, hp regen), buildings, Castle(hp, hp regen, armor) and heroes. Upgrades were created for late game.
* Starcraft 2 version has a new building Tavern with heroes. They have powerful attack and abilities. They can also be upgradable with Upgrade Center.
* All buildings in Starcraft 2 version has a food requirement. It were done to limit a number of buildings for each player. Currently food limit is 90, if 4 players in team. It's dynamically changes based on number of players in team. So, if 2 players in team, it will be 180 for each player.
* All buildings in Starcraft 2 version can be salvaged. None resources will be returned.
* Cheese was removed from the game. Each player can build only one legendary building.
* In Starcraft 2 Builder can attack enemy units. He can also buy items to increase damage and movement speed.
* Artillery damage was reduced to 50-100 from original 300-400.
* Added rewards and achievements.

In summary, this map is a hybrid of Nexus Wars and Castle Fight in terms of mechanics. New Castle Fight have a dynamic gameplay, more features and competitive factor with stats/ranking system.

Currently only 3 races are available(human, undead, orc). I plan to add new race each 3 days.

Map is published on all starcraft 2 servers with name [WC3] Castle Fight.

You don't need to buy starcraft 2 to play arcade games and Castle Fight. Just create account and download starter edition.

You can find additional information about map and development on official website

 Post subject: Re: Starcraft 2 Castle Fight release
PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:05 pm 
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Based on the stipulation above I believe starcraft2 is better than starcraft3 but whatever differences they are having it may not affect to each player because every player differs in choices. And for me no big deal as long as it gives fun to every player fun and satisfaction as well.

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 Post subject: Starcraft 2 Castle Fight release
PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:23 am 
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As soon as I get my new compy able to, Ill be playing SCII soon as well. Ill let you know when Im ready to.

But yeah, the more people that we can play this with, the better.

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